The Ethereum Wayback Machine

Discover how the Covalent Network is safeguarding and enhancing Ethereum’s historical data availability.

Decentralized Web3 Data Access

No more reliance on multiple centralized sources. Covalent Network offers decentralized means of accessing Web3 data, whether it's running nodes, pulling data directly to your database, or simply querying the API.


Operators live on the Covalent Network


Trusted by developers


Blockchains fully replicated

Covalent Network Operators in 25 Countries

Network Features

Customizable for Your Data Needs

Experience the freedom to tailor the Covalent Network to your requirements. Our modular design ensures seamless integration into your stack, allowing you to adapt and expand effortlessly.

Verifiable Data Middleware

By harnessing cryptographic proofs, data consumers accessing the Covalent Network can not only trust the data but also independently verify its accuracy and provenance.

Savings Through Decentralization

Minimize operational costs with our decentralized approach. By eliminating costly infrastructure maintenance and ensuring high up-time, the Covalent Network delivers maximum value at minimal expense.


Q2 2022

BSP & Staking Launch

Initial set of Network Operators functioning as BSPs with delegators also able to stake.

Q3 2023

Refiner Launch

The launch of Refiners introduces enrichment and transformation to block specimens.

Q4 2023

Network Migration

Migrate the Covalent Network to its own layer 1.


Class C Marketplace & Tracing

Refiner will undergo an upgrade to facilitate tracing on block results. Class C Marketplace will also go live.


Query Nodes Launch

Finally, the Covalent Network will go live with Query nodes; the nodes responsible for responding to API queries.